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Dungeon Siege 3 receives brief shout out

A very, very brief shout out.

We've been watching the show Dark Matter on the SyFy channel for a while now. It is a pretty good science fiction-y/drama type of show set in the future several centuries from now and takes place on a traveling space ship. For season 3, episode 9 they did a time travel bit. Time travel is pretty hokey and not a favorite story line for me, but eh, I'm up for it.

Anyway, the crew arrive in 2017 searching for a widely coveted device for ships called a "Blink Drive". The Welcome Wagon arrives at their new home and bring all kinds of awkward silences and silly small talk. And Pie. That is the only tolerable welcome gift, imo. Well flowers are nice too...

The crew try to get settled in and the usual culture shock ensues (What is Toilet paper anyway)?? Eventually they go to the neighbor welcome type party and the young female member of the crew (she is extremely talented with technology and devices) wanders in to some kid's game room.

He is amazed that she fixed the second controller he has laying around and asks if she wants to play a game together. He holds up 3 boxes and asks her something like "do you want to play blahblah, yaddayadda or Magic"? She picks Magic and he says "Dungeon Siege it is" and shows off the box a little bit.

My boyfriend looks at me and I'm Hmmm. I wished they had chosen a different version of the game, but since that brief story line had some xbox/playstation dealy going on they had to go with the console version.

Anyway... This little tidbit of news is brought to you because I felt like making a long rambling post. HA!



I wonder if Obsidian Entertainment and/or Square Enix has anything to do with Dark Matter. If they do please do not tell me or I will have to stop watching the show.

My favorite character in the show is 5 the one that plays DS3 in the time travel show. 5 called the Kid - The real person is Jodelle Ferland.


The producers have done a number of SciFi shows. I think it was probably a nod to somebody in the cast or production company who plays video games, especially since DS3 is pretty old (DS1/LoA is practically a fossil!) Insane Of course, that's speculation on my part.

The boy who's playing the games with 5 holds up two other games as well. I think one might have been Grand Theft Auto or something. Anyway, I know they are fairly well known, I just don't remember as I tend to tune out when console games are mentioned plus CRS syndrome, haha. Nothing wrong with console games per se, I just don't have anything I can play one with. It was the mention of Dungeon Siege that caught my attention.

BTW, I miss One, I thought he was cute Sad