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Dungeon Siege - Consistent Texture Fix

Have you ever equipped a cool looking item, only to find that it looks completely different on your character?

I want to fix that.

However, I do not have the skill to repaint / redraw any textures. Thankfully most of them are only recolors of the inventory's icon, but there are some that look completely different after being equipped, and I want to fix all of these issues to make a mod that you cannot play Dungeon Siege without.

Lets make history, and finish what Gas Powered Games never got around to doing.

How to Help:

1. Repaint a texture with its own unique name. - It doesn't matter if it's formatted the same way from person to person, or even formatted in the same way as the actual game does. Give them the name of the icon - for example, b_c_pos_a5_025 for Fused Steel. makes it a lot easier to tell what texture is supposed belong to what.
2. Attach your work in a zip file - You don't even have to put them in the correct folders!
3. That's it! - You can also ask to contribute on its github page, which is a very handy tool to help on joint projects such as this. You could even add the bit of code that implements your new texture, all in this link!

What's Currently Covered in The Release Version
31 brand new textures!

1. Moros
2. Eksevis
3. Project Britannica
4. Kathycf
5. Gas Powered Games


Admittedly, this one was one of the very, very few (if only) textures that were already in the game, but weren't being used properly.


Eksevis wrote:

It's Photoshop, so yeah. Most of the issues are that the texture doesn't fit entirely on the mesh, but I suppose marking them as smart objects would probably fix that too.

What version of Photoshop are you using Eksevis?, I'm going to be looking for a Photoshop release just before Adobe decided to rent their paint programs to everyone instead of being able to buy them outright.

CSS Extended. A friend lent it to me. I could do the same.