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Unforseen changes ahead

Please keep an eye on the site news as information about the changes will be posted soon.

The Forge is loose!!

Bare Elf and Charietto have released a mod on the Forge that lets you summon some of it's members into a game of DS1. You can e.g add Kathy, who of course made her own armor ^^, to your party or how about Bare Elf's Dog? Sounds like good fun, go check it out!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Technically it's not the 17:th here anymore but seeing as I haven't gotten in bed yet it is still St. Paddy's to me. Smile
Hope it's been a good day for everyone with lot's and lot's of joy!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Oh, and here's some river dance for ya'll.

River Dance

Problems with the site.

There seems to be a problem with the site right now. An important file that is used to log events seems to be constantly in use so it can't be written to. This will generate an error when you post but your content will still appear. I have sought help for this and hope to have a solution when I wake up tomorrow morning. It is possible that only admins will see this error but I post this just in case.

If you get the error just hit back and either reload the thread or continue to browse the site, don't try to reload before going back or you will double post.

Seasons greetings and a happy new year.

Writing this in a hurry but I wanted to wish everyone in the community a merry Christmas and a happy new year. And of course to extend a seasons greeting to those who celebrate other holidays this time of the year.

Thanks for being with us. May your holiday be filled with joy and may the next year be full of excitement, happiness and growth for you.


Next version of Erthos Struggle has been released

pac_mad_modder has released the next version of his map - Erthos Struggle.

Thanksgiving Beta

Not really Dungeon Siege related but still...

The Supreme Commander beta testing is now open to everyone!

~Way Better Than Some Crappy Turkey

Supreme Commander beta download page

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to those concerned! ^^


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