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A little sad

Hi all

My dad is very sick and is recovering from surgery at St. Elizabeth's Medical center in Boston. He's been sick for several weeks and has become very frail. He will need more surgery but his doctors want him to become stronger before that will happen. So, please keep some kind thoughts in your heart for him and for me.

Thanks friends.

Oh, fun fact. I used to live about a ten minute walk away from St E's. I'd walk down to Cambridge St and take the bus to Kenmore Square for work. Boston University and Fenway Park are two famous landmarks that are near Kenmore. I worked in the shadow of the Green "Monstah" and it was oh so super fun trying to wade through tons of Red Sox fans heading to an early evening baseball game when all I wanted to do was go home.

Evil Evil

Meh, I always liked football better.



Kathy, I hope your dad recovers. I hope you will be fine whatever occurs. You are both in my heart and mind.

Ooooh that's not good, lets hope he gets well soon kathy, and you need to keep your spirits up as well my friend.

Hey, thanks for your kind thoughts. It really does mean a lot.

So my Dad died this past Friday (March 18). My sister and I were able to visit with him several times while he was receiving hospice care.

My condolences.