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Call to arms

I need some help from you guys so I can start to mod and play again, I really miss it. ^^
So, now that uploading mods is working I need you all to go upload your favorite mods. And as soon as my psychology exam is over and I get back from a brief trip I will start to add content to our tutorial section.

Uploading instructions can be found here.

ps. I will spiff up the Download section a bit so it is easier to find stuff.

Good progress

Well I wasn't able to get everything done but so far everything has gone well. I have redone the theme and switched some parts of the system and added some. I am still tweaking things though.

As you can tell the theme looks a bit different, which is because I had to redo some parts because of browser issues, and some changes just seemed better. ^^ Unfortunately I haven't been able to test the site in Opera yet, and not much in IE6 or IE7. Please report anything that looks odd, or share constructive criticism.

Downloads and smilies (other than default) will be back tonight I hope.

Site will be down tomorrow.

I will disable the site tomorrow for a few hours. I don't have an exact time but it will likely be somewhere around 10 AM GMT. Many of you should be in bed at that time! :P

Everything should be working relatively normal after this. (we hope)

Sporadic maintenance work

There will be some sporadic site maintenance going on this week so make sure to save any posts before submitting them, so they are not lost if I lock the site as you are posting. I'll try to make sure no one is logged in, but since I can only work during certain hours I can make no guarantees.

You are welcome to cross your fingers. ^^


A new "In the name of the king" trailer is available. ^^
According to the end of the movie the movie will be in theaters December 5th.

That trailer looks rather good just as this one did. Dare we hope the movie will actually be good? ^^

Dungeon Siege Heaven Closing Down

Sad news for the DS community:

Since about a year ago we have been looking for someone to take over leadership of this site. ...

Unfortunately we didn't find anyone. Therefor, we are now archiving the site. By archiving I don't mean we will delete all files from the Internet forever. No, much of the content here at DSH is still useful both for new and existing players, and we still get a fairly high amount of visitors despite our rare updates. What we are doing though, is to remove any interactive elements of the site so as to remove and needs of moderation or content creation.

A heads up

I will put the site in Maintenance mode tonight around 10-11 pm my time (GMT +2), depending on when I get home from work, to do some work on the site.


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