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Chaotic Breakfast

Boundless losses
Eternal victory
Sinful and wicked
Ensuing history

Someone you dreamt of knocks on your door..
Calling out your name
An angelic voice
A call that makes the birds soar
You drop your breakfast
Hoping to let your true love in
Running though the tight corridors of your small home
Finally able to respond..
But your lover was gone
Gone with the wind

That voice, infinitely lingering
This isn't life..
Is this death?
I believe it is...may you rest.



So you are a poet as well Smile Funny how there are quite a few of us here.

I guess I will have to plant another poet tree in the garden.


A play on words makes for an excellent performance of the mind and soul Smile I read through some of yours already, I think you're a great poet Smile I hope the poet tree grows nicely