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A really fun online photo editor: Photofunia

This web site , Photofunia is super fun, easy to use and offers a wide array of effects. I made most of the samples DS related. Laughing out loud

It's a lot of pics, sorry. Sad They were all so fun, I kept wanting to put more.



that's neat website with Easter approaching may come in handy

Bella got kicked to the curb: Oups

Disclaimer: When I was really sick a few years back, my Dad brought some books from his recycling center. And, well, I read them. "Twilight" and whatever the second one was. In all their gooey goopiness.
THE SHAME! Ghost Shock

In The name of the Queen:

Big smile


Yeah, they have some really fun holiday themes. I wish I had heard of this place back in October.