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Monster Mash and Shields. (lotsa screenshots)

I took some screenshots of that Monster Mod from a few weeks ago. I *really* wish I could find Iryan's playable monster mod. I remember it as being really fun. Anyway...

Bob's feeling a bit feisty. Perhaps the Dwarf merchant is really a Russian Spy! Ooooooh.

The Purple Shard was pretty aggressive. I didn't even order it to attack, it just went right for that Guard Captain.

Ghost Rider!! Well, not so much.

So is this some sort of anteater or something? Does it fight evil with its long snout? How would that even work? "Ha evil doer! I snout in your general direction!'


This guy is cool, too bad he is not available in the Tiger Mod:

Some shield textures for a mod I am working on: