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July 26 - Today in History

Well, lots of interesting things occurred today in history. Eh, maybe not all that interesting but whatEVAH! Tongue

This Day in History


So why am I bringing up trivia about a normal old summer day? Guess!

Party Shy Smile Party



I know Big smile

Yes indeed, there will be cake. Luckily for my wallet and well, my hips, the supermarket sells cake by the slice. Mmmm, cake. *swoons* Love

... this means Kathy is history. Shark

Mmmm, double chocolate cheesecake with cherries Big smile Laughing out loud


A "blast from the past and I'm a little scared. This cake...oh my. This cake is in ColorVision which seems to me to be rather suspicious. Who wants to eat cake that is so colorful it can be seen from space?

It's a conspiracy of some sort and I think the Russians are behind it, or maybe the folks who live in Wisconsin. Think about it for a second. Wisconsin people are known to wear very bright (ColorVision??) cheese hats to Green Bay Packers games.

Anyway, cake appears to be "frosted" with Pepto Bismol. This is actually handy because when someone is coerced into eating that pink sofa cushion, the pepto should help them feel better. I mean there's always hope, right?

Actually, Pepto-Bismol tastes better if i remember right.

Just go with Chocolate,chocolate,CHOCOLATE!!!! Dance Insane Dwarf