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DS! Christmas Spirit

Maybe not appropriate for a Holiday card, but sort of festive nonetheless. It is pretty convenient that the Catmansion girls and the Dark/Light elves both have Christmas outfits. Smile



Ah, Good old DS1. I still need to try it with full anti-aliasing.
It would probably look really nice.

Girls in santa outfits are.. well.. nice. ^^

Or maybe it's just that I like red.

Santa outfits are nice as is red. I agree with you there solly. (gee, is it true that great minds think alike?);)

Total absence of humor renders life impossible.

I think it must be true since we seem to prove it so often. ^^

oh yessss!
..neat stuff!!

- eye thenk yeow, Miss K!! :woot:

..the world is full of beauty, and life is wonderful!