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Progress on Weapon Tool

Not sure if anyone cares (mod scenes is understandably quiet), but it's fun for me to create this item tool when I have time. I've made some more progress for unique ring creation. The enchantment block is a little tricky. The user can add 10 blocks (I just haven't implemented "infinite" blocks yet). I just have to grab the values and spit out the gas code for them. I decided to generate the html select tag with a label and input generated with each select tag.

After that I should have a prototype to create unique rings with. I might decide to generate the html differently, but my first thought was to generate a selection of the types of modifiers a user would want to add to their item and an input for their value. I have some more ideas that will take longer, but it's a good idea to get something simple finished and increase the complexity.

Still not finished and very ugly UI (no CSS yet), but here is the github link if anyone wants to take a look:

code (needs refactoring):



Cool Idea Dulac

Having an online modding tool vs downloading is a clever idea, Dulac. I really have a block about doing much DS2 stuff, so it's not likely a tool that I would use, but nice job all the same.


Thanks Bare Elf. Yeah, the game is quite old, so I don't think many would use it, but it's fun to build. DS1 is still a good game too, so I may decide to do the same for DS1. I'm not sure if I'll do it, but I have some ideas for map making tools as well. I have some ideas on how to generate dungeons and a tree spreading tool (placing them by hand is too tedious). However, I have many ideas and not enough time to implement them all.