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Dulac's blog

Eventually I will create a new modding site

I suppose there is no hurry to build one. Working slowly on a CMS from scratch with MERN stack. I've decide to ditch php and wordpress altogether. I just can't stand coding in php (no offense to the language). So, I also get distracted by building simple games. Part of me also wants to create an open source ARPG in unity, lol


Just gotta get some projects out of the way

Just gotta make several more websites. Knocked out 2 yesterday. Then I can start working on a wordpress version of Siegecore. Should be getting started on it next week. Think I'll use bootstrap with sass for the template. After that I will replace the frontend with either react or angular. I look forward to modding and documenting modding DS again. I'm studying for Oracle certifications on the side.


When I have more time

Hey all. Currently working on my angular and node skills. I think I will start to dissect skrit piecemeal via blog after I get several projects finished up. I've been doing a lot of web designing and programming. My knowledge of programming has increased quite a bit, so I can help explain how skrit works in a more digestible manner.


Siegecore Delay

Hey all. I want to apologize for Siegecore's delay. Originally I was going to use the old CMS. Then I was thinking of building it from scratch using react and node. I've decided on using sql rather than nosql, so I might just use wordpress for the time being. After that I can replace it with react and node using sql. It takes awhile to build a cms from scratch. I think now that I've recently decided sql is better than nosql, I can get it going with Wordpress. I think I'll replace Wordpress's frontend with react or angular after. I have to explore rendering in angular before I decide.


Siegecore will be returning

Siegecore will be returning. This time with it's own domain name( I finished setting up Dragonfly CMS for it last night. I just need to customize it. Unfortunately I lost the old database, so it will be a fresh restart. I've become very passionate about web development now, so I plan to maintain it for a long time. Before I was trying to fill the void of siege-mods and Siegenetwork disapearing and was focused on mod development. I didn't care about web development back then, which is a shame. I'm also working on an app startup I co-founded, which will be using React Native.


Been Learning Mean Stack

I've been working on learning MEAN stack(MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS for a good job. Hoping to return to DS2 when I have the time. I left off with learning how to make new spells. I can't wait to look at the code after all the javaScript programming I've learned Smile . If I do this, I will probably write a personal site for tutorial content on spell and effect creation.


Never modded a game having as much fun as with DSII

So I never found another game to mod to replace DSII after all these years. This game is a classic in my books. It's underappreciated and fun to mod. I shouldn't worry about how old a game is for modding. However, my priority now is front-end development since I need to make much more money to pay off student loans.



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