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Long Delay

I almost forgot about my item creation project in DS2, lol. I wrote the fundamentals in vanilla javaScript, but realized it'd be much better in react. I've been working on an open source game with a few other devs. Having difficulty connecting it to the server I built Sad . However, I will eventually get to it. I want to write it both in React with node and c# for a desktop version. It will be open source. I also want to write an object placement tool in python for random objects on nodes such as trees, rocks, and mobs. I can see some ways to auto-generate dungeons with python scripts. Not sure how to approach terrain. I suppose predefined chunks that fit together. Then the modder can go in and edit rather than create from scratch. Maybe there is other automation that can be done for ds2. The main thing that slowed me down for mapping was placing objects! I'm in no hurry and also can't get DS2 to run on my laptop(use Linux now). Wish I could. I really want to analyze map data to figure out an algorithm for object placement.

Edit: another cool thing to add is maybe a pet creator. They're pretty basic. Let me know if you're interested in working on any of this. I'm open to vuejs, react, node if we need server, c# + WPF, java, c++, and python.



I don't really mod DS2, but if by any chance you can make a creator for DS1 and LOA, that'd be awesome, especially for item sets. I've been adding mroe of those for one of my mods/maps and it's a pain.

Heading off at a tangent - what I'd like to see, besides the bonuses from equipping several items from the same set, is a correspondingly improved price if selling them together.

It wouldn't be hard to add something like that. DS and DS2 are very similar.