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Hey DS Pals

I hope everybody is doing well.

I think of Siege the Day as my own little social media platform and that makes this place unique for me. I've been thinking of our community and with this illness spreading across the globe...well everything feels scary. I was very worried about my sister since she drives a school bus and well, sorry to say it but young kids are little germ factories. But the schools are closed until early May so that's a relief.

I don't know about where you folks live but people here are acting like idiots. Actually, I think lots of people in the US act like idiots, but now even more so than usual! Like, it's OKAY, the paper mills aren't going to stop making toilet paper. Ya don't have to purchase every damn package of TP in a 25 mile radius! Shock egads!

I'm kind of enjoying the social distancing people are doing to help stop spreading the virus. See, the thing is, I don't like people touching me or crowding me. I don't freak out or anything, it's just been a quirk of mine since childhood. But now I don't come across as aloof or weird. Nope! Now I'm helping to prevent the spread of disease! Innocent Yay and such. I just need to figure out how to pass the time. Spring cleaning? Yard work? Yeah...Flarp that noise, I'm off to read, play vidya games and partake in general loafing around-ness.

ANYWAY, I'll say good night now. Take care of yourselves everybody and stay safe and healthy.



I think I have finally figured out why everyone is buying up all the toilet paper! It is because people are buying up all the rice, beans and tuna fish within a 25 mile radius. If you eat only those three items and only drink water. You will spend 95% of your time pooping Wink


You could be right or maybe your theory is simply full of crap.

Because, you know, like, crap is like poo and like, hrm. Things I write make more sense before I write them. Note to more rice.