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Have you seen Junior's Grades??!

Listening to the radio brings back memories. Music released prior to 2010 is pretty much under the umbrella "classic rock" and those are the type of radio stations I listen to. I was doing some errands the other day and when I drive around I listen to very loud music (usually with the windows closed, because I'm considerate that way) and I'm not ashamed to admit that I sing and/or screech along. Okay, it's a little embarrassing but flarp it! Tongue

So I heard some Van Halen. In this video David Lee Roth appears to be wearing Yeti fur boots. Gah, that guy was a litttle skeevy. I saw Van Halen in concert a long time ago when Sammy Hagar had taken over as lead singer. Concert sounded pretty good to me. Eddie VH was adorable as always... *sigh* Sad

"And the Cradle Will Rock"
Warning: This video has tons of Spandex in eye searing colors in addition to questionable dancing/and or pelvic thrusts.

Young guy's reaction to Eddie Van Halen's "Eruption". He obviously has no clue about the band but he had some interesting things to say.

Ten minutes or so later I heard "Total Eclipse of the Heart". Total change of pace, right?
Warning: Video features creepy British school children in addition to lots of blowing cloth and questionable dancing by skimpily dressed adolescents.


Youtube listeners wrote:
If I turned around as much as he asked I would be hurling on the floor.

Those days when singers relied on talent, pure voice, musicality and Aqua Net hair spray.