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The debut of some Kathy armor for Dungeon Siege 1

I learned something. Not everything, but a good solid step in the direction of learning to create armor for DS1. A Huge thank you from my heart to sjr and lili. Laughing out loud

I had an idea a while back for some armor.

I don't know anything about skrit or coding or any of that other "wizardry" but I can edit images fairly decently so I decided to just totally wing something. I remembered when I had gone in to the image gallery of Kathy and Bare Elf ideas that I had seen somehting that would work for what I wanted. This is a piece of armor designed by bare_elf:


Carsten Lervad's new site (Zhixalom!!)

I sent an email to Carsten Lervad (aka Zhixalom) a while back. Most of you are probably familiar with his mods. He has moved all his DS1 and DS2 related content to his new site:

He also has forums there. He is a super nice guy who has been a good resource to the Dungeon Siege community. Please drop by and say "Hello". Smile


The Forge appears to be taking the New Years weekend off so I will ask a guestion here.

I have been working on a redesign of both Cat Mansion Girls and Boys and Cat Mansion Adepts based on these mesh changes and several armor, weapon, shield redraws and remakes. So what would people like to see in an updated Cat Mansion Adepts for DS1 or is DS1 only being played by 5 or 6 people not including me?



Time for tea

A while back I had downloaded gmax and started playing with it. Pretty fun, sort of cyber playdoh. I made the 'n00b" mace, the first project but decided it looked much too drab. I made another, somehow got it pink and instead of spikes it had rows of pink teapots on it. Now, mind you, this was back in March. I had to re-download the program because it went kapooey along with some other stuff on another computer.

So. I guess in the coming weeks I will be playing around with it....along with trying to gather some learning materials to make some models and maybe some armor. I know this will take awhile, but I gots me some smarts, so methinks I can do it....eventually. If any other experienced folks have any suggestions, comments, offers of electronic handholdong, nagging ect.. please feel free to let me know. I know I have lots to learn. Periodically, I may post some pics so you guys can fall over laughing at them and at their creator, "Queen n00blet".


an idea for DS1 armor

Sol said to blog, so here I am being dutiful and obedient. Wink Laughing out loud

This is an unlocked skin from DS LOA Revived. I thought it would make a good armor, if modded. Guess I better get those tutorials that solly uploaded. Smile


Forrester Greenbeard

I don't know why but I wanted a dwarf with green beard and hair, so I made one. ^_^
It was pretty easy so maybe this will turn into a mod with some new looks for the different races.

Anyways, meet Forrester Greenbeard.


Modding 1 - finals 0

So I just couldn't resist the urge to mod. I actually started setting up Siege Tools for Eclipse last night. I have no idea where to start but I know I want to get into the programming aspect of modding so it seemed like a good tool to have.

Here's a shot of it.

(click for much larger picture)

I also have the DSTK and Tank Creator installed and all of Marco's video tutorials downloaded.



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