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A modder's screen-shots

Recently I strumbled upon some screen-shots that weren't online for some time, until now again.

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Can you move a savegame from BW to DS2?

Is there any way to move a Broken World savegame to Dungeon Siege 2?

It's easy enough to move them from DS2MOD AND DS2 to Broken World, but not visa versa.

Tried some changes in the savegame files, but they didn't work.

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An efficient way to stitch all region radars at once

Every time you generate mipmaps, or change or add anything in a region, you will get stalling, if the ajoining regions aren't restitched.

Quite often I do work on several regions at a time, but don't do the stitching until all the work is done.

What I do is open the region with the main start positions, and stitch all the regions from there, then save the region.

This method saves a lot of time, and has always worked for me.

Note; Whatever you do, don't use the "batch generate mipmips". You won't like the results.

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DS2 Shop Keeper settings .... how do you adjust them?

Am using the DS2 Shopkeeper settings in my updated map, for example; "Store ... local-spec" = "act_3_armor_store" , "store-add-crafted .... template base" = "amr_a3".

Have tryed several things to modify the basic store settings, such as quests from the map, but nothing changes. Always end up with the basic store ingame.

I would like them to change, and add in special items.

[EDIT]- Checked out the Veteran and Elite maps, and the shops do upgrade, just as in the Original map. So that's good.

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Dungeon Seige 2 now on the Nexus

Dungeon Siege - Consistent Texture Fix

Have you ever equipped a cool looking item, only to find that it looks completely different on your character?

I want to fix that.

However, I do not have the skill to repaint / redraw any textures. Thankfully most of them are only recolors of the inventory's icon, but there are some that look completely different after being equipped, and I want to fix all of these issues to make a mod that you cannot play Dungeon Siege without.

Lets make history, and finish what Gas Powered Games never got around to doing.

How to Help:

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Dawn Of The Third Age ... Comments, Feedback

This is where you can post your comments and feedback.



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