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getting Gom'ed

fighting this Seck leader called Gom, he died and resurrected, brings in 3 summons constantly... I am just practicing on him and reloading, I have decided I will go all melee and 2 archers and no magic...haven't been modding much, the weather has been so nice I been mowing grass and enjoying the outdoors Smile


EYE don't get it, wherre are my shields?

I re tanked the eye shields with a priority of 800, but they don't show up, like, anywhere. When I first tested them I had removed any other mods that contained shields and the eye shields showed up. I put the Halloween shields back and no eye shields. Darkelf and bare_elf both report not finding the shields as well. I r confused. Maybe it's the pcontent?

The shields are in the game, I gave them to myself with the console command, so I just don't know. Sad


Trying to beat Scorch the dragon has been near impossible

here we r with are pretty wolve... currently met a roadblock, seems I cant beat Scorch the big dragon...had 4 bows and 4 melee in died...not sure how to attack it.


Mr Feet, Mr Feet, Mr Feet

If you say his name 3 times, (just like Bloody Mary, Candyman and Beetlejuice) preferably while standing in a darkened bathroom, staring into the mirror with a flashlight held under your chin, he comes to you.

He comes to you with his feeeeeeet... Shock

How would you like those feet snuggled against you on a cold winter's night? eep!


diablo rings-amulets and pitchforks LoA

converted my ds2 diablo rings and amulets mod
and my ds2 black, red and pink pitchforks mod
to loa both are alpha 1 for testing

23 April 2017 uploaded


Another eye, another shield (and surgery, boo)

An update to my OHMYEYE shield featuring 2 shields.

Warning! Long rambling story ahead. If you want the shields you can skip ahead and download them as an attachment at the end of the post.


DS2 Elf male Elf female and Dryad get LoA'ed

2nd attempt successful

1st attempt at getting ds2 elves and dryads into loa



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