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Gravity: Friend or Foe?

So in the beginning of June I fell down my front steps. I don't even remember what happened. One second I'm at the top of the steps with my house key in hand and the next thing I know is my right arm hitting one of the stairs and then smacking my forehead against the landing. Gravity was not my friend that day.


Why do people in Oregon and Washington State...

I wonder why people in Oregon and Washington State think 109 degrees is so hot? The world record is 134 degrees.


My feet hurt.

I had a problem with gravity today. Fell off my bicycle when coming to a stop, one of my shoes did not release from the peddles and I think I broke a few toes. I have no problem with gravity going up and down hills or when I am riding fast. I only crash when on flat ground and going really slow. So my advice Kathy is run down your stairs next time. Smile



I have not seen kathycf for almost a month. Has anyone seen her on line, spoken to her, sent her a letter, telephoned her? I am getting very worried, that something might of happened to her.


I got a new bike rack

My old bike rack got bent when someone backed into it in to it at the grocery store. So yesterday I got a new one. This one folds up against the back of the vehicle. It also allows you to open the rear lift gate even with the bicycle on the rack. Smile


Rivers of London

I have started reading this series of books by British author Ben Aaronovitch. He also wrote episodes of "Dr Who" in the 1980s - 1990s era and quite a lot of other material.



Someone reminded me that today is Easter. We all have our own beliefs and such, but I think most of us can appreciate the joy of this Easter Bunny family. I mean, think of all the happy times those parents had creating SO. MANY. BUNNIES! Wink
Have a lovely Sunday.



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