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Okay what is going on now.

All my PMS are gone, at least I can not read any of them. I can see nothing at all this sucks



I think I will rent a boaterhome.
Drive north to Canada or Alaska then take a sail on the Ocean until next year. The kids are packed and so am I. Just debating on if I should take a computer, cell phone. I have the satellite phone packed, just in case of an emergency.


Trump has another "good" idea.

He read somewhere that "Hypothetically, a microwave could kill the virus." I am quite sure that he does not know what hypothetically means, because here is what he suggested. He also never read the stories about people microwaving pets to dry them quickly after a rain storm, or he believes that only pets are killed by microwaves.

"Since microwave ovens kill the China virus, we should build human sized microwave ovens so before kids and teachers enter a school they would be microwaved and not infect each other."

Once again his understanding of the facts is amiss


Chicken Fingers?

A friend sent me a recipe for Chicken Fingers! First of all chickens do not have hands so how can they have fingers? Second if a chicken's fingers are like chicken toes there is no meat on them.

I read the recipe and it is like chicken tenders strips of chicken battered and fried. No fingers at all!

My friend needs to have his head examined Insane



Loincloths/Face Masks

Time to stop co-opting other posts with comments about loincloths That could be used as a face covering during the pandemic.

This loincloth is not big enough to be used as a mask Sad butt it does give you the idea of what I was suggesting.


Hurricane Asshat

So Hurricane Isaias "stormed" Wink up the Eastern Coast of the US after wreaking havoc over Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. By the time it reached New England it was downgraded to a Tropical storm and eventually dissipated over Quebec, Canada. Such FUN!


The right and wrong mask for the pandemic

As I do most days pandemic or not I either go for a run or ride my bicycle. I always carry a mask, and wear it whenever I stop around people or when I go into a shop. Most other people in my area do that as well. Some do not, but given time they will die off like people who win the Darwin Awards. However some silly people have no idea the mask should cover the mouth and nose, Saw a family wearing masks that you might wear to a costume party that covered their upper face.



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