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Oh Boo Hoo - poor pitiful me...

I'm feeling sorry for myself. I broke a tooth and now I have to get a root canal and a crown. My tooth really hurts, but the dentist that does root canal stuff is in the office a limited amount of time each week and thus my appointment isn't until May 15. MAY!


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

To everyone a virtual kiss and long distance hug.


More Long Sleeves

Here is a few more of the long sleeve armors using ChickenGeorge's updated mesh (a717). The gloves on the male model look better. A few items look good "out of the box" but many need more texture work. I'm trying to make some more traditional styles of armor as well as modern looking stuff and well, stuff. I haven't been feeling well lately so I'm not doing very much modding or anything, really. More moping than modding, tee hee. Tongue


Does anyone know if Ruth Handler worked on Dungeon Siege...

I was wondering if Ruth Handler had anything to do with the character designs for Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna either as a consultant or designer. It would explain a great deal if she did.


Long Sleeve a1 (Chicken George)

So I was making some armor with Chicken George's long sleeve mesh. Here's my trial run:


New daggers clubs and arrows for ds1

New daggers and clubs for ds1 and some new arrows


Installing Dungeonsiege Toolkit 1.7 and the dungeonsiege II toolkit today

Installing Dungeonsiege Toolkit 1.7 and the dungeonsiege II toolkit today on windows 10...oh what fun we will have lol



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