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Forrester Greenbeard

I don't know why but I wanted a dwarf with green beard and hair, so I made one. ^_^
It was pretty easy so maybe this will turn into a mod with some new looks for the different races.

Anyways, meet Forrester Greenbeard.


The cuties

Started a new multiplayer game with firebat.
I play a FoS with dual-wield and he a BA with throwing weapons.

Don't we look perty? Wink

I made sure to match my armor to my hair. ^_^


Finals again.

Feels like the last finals were just two weeks ago.. I got the highest score on those and I hope I did just as well on the ones I did this evening. Never had finals during the evening before. And I don't think I fancy it much.. The course was artificial intelligence btw.

Also.. I read Lili's blog over on Herena Forge and it made me quite worried. Such a good person shouldn't be dealt such harsh cards. Sad I really hope she will work it out somehow.

Head starting to fry. I might have a fever comming on so I had better mosy to bed.


Modding 1 - finals 0

So I just couldn't resist the urge to mod. I actually started setting up Siege Tools for Eclipse last night. I have no idea where to start but I know I want to get into the programming aspect of modding so it seemed like a good tool to have.

Here's a shot of it.

(click for much larger picture)

I also have the DSTK and Tank Creator installed and all of Marco's video tutorials downloaded.


Finished Broken World

I finally finished it! Sat down and played through the final chapter today so I could get it done. :yahoo:

Should have done other things, like studying for finals next week but oh well. ^_^

So the game.. I must say that I really enjoyed Broken World, yes I wanted more but it was still good.
And I really liked how the overmage was depicted, they made him a pretty interesting character.
The difficulty was good, and the new gameplay features really added to the game. And most of the enemies
looked good. There where some that just didn't have the necessary quality but they were not too many.


Maya & Co

Felt like posting a screenshot of my BW party. I have imported it from DS2 and am having my way with the critters of this new era.
Sometimes they are having their way with me though... ^_^

The leader is Maya, a necromancer, and she is the lady with the white hair. She is rather merciless with her foes but atleast her party likes her.


Busy busy

Looks like I will be making the first blog post. Smile

It dawned on me a while ago that I have never released any of the (few) mods that I have made in the past. And now that I finally uploaded one that I have made.. it is a cheat. ^_^

I've never had the time to learn much about modding so it was somewhat of a surprise how easy making mods that aren't maps really is. As long as it isn't template work of course. :P I've done some of that in the past for DS1 when I made some new creatures and items. I worked on a map called shadowlands that I never finished.. :/ But I distinctly remember how much fun it was. Hopefully I can get back into modding when this site is getting more finished.



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