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The Hedgehogs Say Happy 4th of July

The Elf and 3 Hedgehogs wish you a happy 4th of July. The hedgehogs also wonder if you have any water melon or colorful berries.


Somewhat Strange

Throughout my simply "fascinating" life I've blundered across some weird and otherwise strange things.

The man in the before pic has made quite a change in his appearance. I had *no* idea personal trainers could make such a difference.


Happy First Day of Summer.

Happy Summer everyone.


Best Friends Day

It is best friends day, make sure to tell your friends that you care about them. Give your best friend a big HUG.
Remember “There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate.”


Do Hedgehogs hog hedges?

How Hedgehogs Got Their Name Hedgehogs got their name because of their foraging habits. Hedgehogs search through hedges looking for food and insects. As they move through the hedges, they emit hog-like sounds, hence the name ‘Hedgehog’ Number Of Hedgehog Quills Hedgehogs have between 5,000 and 7,000 hollow quills. The quills do not have barbs. So I guess hedgehogs do hog hedges when looking for a meal. Smile


Progress on Weapon Tool

Not sure if anyone cares (mod scenes is understandably quiet), but it's fun for me to create this item tool when I have time. I've made some more progress for unique ring creation. The enchantment block is a little tricky. The user can add 10 blocks (I just haven't implemented "infinite" blocks yet). I just have to grab the values and spit out the gas code for them. I decided to generate the html select tag with a label and input generated with each select tag.


Web-based Item Creator

I've been thinking of how to create an interface for items in DS2. Perhaps it would be good for new modders.



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