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DrakeIsGod's blog

Riddle #3

Thirty white horses
On a red hill
First we champ
Then we stamp
Then we stand still
What are we?


Riddle #2

Give it food and it will live, give it water and it will die. What is it?


Riddle #1

What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in an hour?


Man Without Skin

All privileges revoked
Including those of necessity
It's time to shut down
The mind must be policed

Fumbling for words to say
At every conversation
Lack of creative responses
A vulnerable situation
This may be goodbye
An end to all manner of patience

Reminiscence is futile
For the man without skin
Pass on his loving memory
To the next of his dying kin
He's soon to be born again


Fools of Desperation

Mysterious man
Spontaneous woman
Endlessly drifting
Drifting in the night

Creatures of desire
A quick encounter
Pleasantly together
Solid as brick
They share the same heart beat
...and now the same sick

Finally reaching a station
The fire quickly dies
Both have nothing in relation
Parting ways
Fools of desperation
Told each other lies


Neutral Flies

I've gone and lost myself again
From where I stand I need a brand new friend
I've got a message I've been meaning to send
But I've gone and lost my wits again

I never mean to show the pain in my eyes
I intend to feed it to the neutral flies
Afterwards I stare into the starry skies
I never mean to show the plan in my lies

When will it rain?
Will it clean the stains?
When will I see the moon?
Will it end the pain?

What happened to the optimism I used to have?
What happened to me?
What's making me sad?
If this was a game would it be this bad?


Chaotic Breakfast

Boundless losses
Eternal victory
Sinful and wicked
Ensuing history

Someone you dreamt of knocks on your door..
Calling out your name
An angelic voice
A call that makes the birds soar
You drop your breakfast
Hoping to let your true love in
Running though the tight corridors of your small home
Finally able to respond..
But your lover was gone
Gone with the wind

That voice, infinitely lingering
This isn't life..
Is this death?
I believe it is...may you rest.



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