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Mr Feet, Mr Feet, Mr Feet

If you say his name 3 times, (just like Bloody Mary, Candyman and Beetlejuice) preferably while standing in a darkened bathroom, staring into the mirror with a flashlight held under your chin, he comes to you.

He comes to you with his feeeeeeet... Shock

How would you like those feet snuggled against you on a cold winter's night? eep!

Just so you guys know, I am not being mean or crazy. Well maybe crazy, but there is a method to my madness. I was looking for "gross" images to use for my Zombie mod (now including more undead!!1). One of the pictures somewhere in that search was the one above. It is for Mr Feetstuff's videos on YouTube. I shortened his name because saying "Mr Feetstuff" 3 times just seemed awkward. As if, you know, like the whole premise of this blog ISN'T awkward already.

I was beginning to think that using pictures of actual skin would be inappropriate, as most of the skin conditions pictured looked painful, embarrassing and perhaps even debilitating (skin cancers and tumors, as if those suffering from cancer don't have enough to worry about, now they have people gawking at pics of them).

Mr Feetstuff is a different case, as he voluntarily makes and uploads the videos for people's, hmmm...entertainment? I watched one of them and it consisted of this unseen guy scraping his feet with a knife of something. He does this in silence, all I could hear was some breathing and maybe a TV in the background. Just breathing and scraping his feet. gah! well, that is just a little too strange for me, the same person who watches horror movies and TV shows about zombies with zest. I will say that the video was actually a little bit more fun, than say, watching a video of paint drying. By a slim margin.

So my point is that I ended up making zombie skin textures from different pictures of food, cement, rust and one exploded pink hi-light marker. Someone just had to see what happens when you put a marker in the microwave. It explodes, duh! Here are some textures and pictures of what I have been doing. Feel free to use any of the textures, in case you want to do a project about something nasty. There is a slim chance someone might be making something nasty, you just never know!

Oh, just in case you ran out of videos of paint drying , here is Mr Feetstuff's YouTube channel.

Big smile




Some very nice textures Kathy, Mr Feetstuff videos are just strange, I thought I had ugly feet from all the running and cycling I do, but mine look normal after looking at a video or two. So I went and found several videos of paint drying, very relaxing if you add some whale singing to the videos. ten minutes of paint drying Whale sounds


Very nice esp. with whale calls.

After mentioning the pink hi-lighter I forgot to post it.

It's the pen explosion combined with a piece of bread, layered using Photofiltre. Pink markers on toast, better than any jam or jelly I can think of!

very neat ideas, guess Stone Dwarves do interesting to see if they work in game for u.

Ty for the compliment. Smile

The first dwarf was textured with a slice of bread, the second was oatmeal textured with a little cracked concrete and the third was some pasta concoction (spinach gnocchi, plus something else that I can't remember).

The yellow skeleton was made with Deep Style using a picture of spaghetti.