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Another eye, another shield (and surgery, boo)

An update to my OHMYEYE shield featuring 2 shields.

Warning! Long rambling story ahead. If you want the shields you can skip ahead and download them as an attachment at the end of the post.

So, here is how my second surgery went. I was really relatively relaxed since I knew my left eye wasn't nearly as bad as my right. BUT SUDDENLY! The nurse/surgery technician/whatever went to put an IV in my left hand. She can't do it. She calls over the anesthesiologist to put the needle in. He tries my right hand, right next to the spiffy bruise left from surgery #1. Nope. I ask why the hands are used and they said it was more convenient for them. "Oh well" I say to myself, "go ahead and stick 100 needles in, as long as it's "convenient" for you. It's not like those IV needles hurt or anything, especially when they get WIGGLED looking for the vein". I tell them that they will have better luck with my elbow.

So the anesthesia doc tried my forearm. No luck, and I still have the bruise a couple of weeks later (it's a nice shade of green now, very faint). Finally he starts poking around my right elbow and remarks on the scarring. I said I had been very ill in 2012 with a throat abscess that *nearly* destroyed one of my cervical vertebrae and spread to other parts of my body causing septic arthritis. Then I mention the removal of the vertebrae and how I had to wear one of those "metal dealies" on my head for 7 weeks. And the doctor LAUGHS at me! Perhaps the term "metal dealies" was particularly amusing.

So, I'm like OMG! I casually mention that if the vertebrae had been completely destroyed by the infection that I could either have died or been paralyzed from the neck down. He doesn't laugh at that but hey, he did find a vein to use in my elbow, where I told them to go to in the first place. So he injects some sort of relaxant in my arm, and I actually start feeling relaxed and nice. BUT SUDDENLY! The doctor and nurse return to inject the medication that will numb and immobilize my eye, (sort of like Novocaine at the dentist office).

He injects this very large needle into my eye socket, just beneath my eye AND DOESN'T USE LIDOCAINE OR SOME OTHER SURFACE NUMBING MED FIRST. Nope, we're just free wheelin it. They keep telling me to keep my eye open (you try keeping your eye open with a 10 foot long needle stuck in it. I might be exaggerating). This goes on for what seems like an hour but was only a minute or so, I guess. My relaxed and nice feeling has left the building and has been replaced by anxiety, pain, confusion and being really really pissed off. I have to use eye drops and it hurt my eye to roll it back to use them for three days after. Crazy The nice anesthesiologist from the first surgery wasn't working that day and I really MISSED him. He knew how not to hurt people with 10 foot long needles.

After all that, the surgery was anticlimactic. The nurse-anesthesiologist was pretty nice and gave me more relaxing med stuff. It took about 5 or 10 minutes and when I got out, I had TWO boxes of cranberry juice. Whoop de do. Here is a pictoral summary of the injection dealie. (There I go with "dealie" again. Hilarity ensues!) Angry

Package icon OHMYEYE shields.zip158.69 KB


First the DE Wolf mod I am using is version wolfyde16h and I have found no major issues with it. I know DE released a version 17, but I did not download it as he said there where still some things he needed to fix, change, repair.

Second sorry to hear your second eye surgery was such a pain. Crap I made a pun when I was not intending to. However I am very glad to know you are alive and well and seeing things almost properly again. I also understand now why you are so fond of Zombies. Think we would both fit in nicely with the Borg too.

Third I downloaded the eye shields and will give them a look Insane

Fourth the skellies look really great. Dance


that sounded like an scarey experience with the the zombie dwarves and skeletons, downloaded the eye shield will be testing it with the next run, currently at fortress kroth resting for the night, picked up this dwarf with big axe, got 3 melee in party waiting on those shields to drop may even see them in kroth weapon shop maybe.

My theory is that the pre-op prep is meant to make the actual operation an anti-climax. After all, it can't get any worse ... Shark

The surgery was anticlimactic after all that needle nonsense so I guess you may be on to something there ghasteley. I just wish I had felt more like the shark than the swimmer.


Thanks DE and bare elf. I hope you get a chance to get the shields.

Lili, this will add to the Borg effect: Once the cataract is removed, it needs to be replaced by a man made lens that has the eye's prescription. So I guess I have Borg eyes! Shock

For all the unpleasantness of the second surgery, I am walking around without contacts or eyeglasses for the first time since I was 6 years old. The difference is extreme and it feels amazing! I do need some glasses for reading/driving and some computer stuff, but if I am going out to dinner or something dressy (as if) I don't need to wear my glasses. Dance

So if we are like the Borg, does that include 7 of 9? Can I be 4 of 11? You can be 7 if you want... Big smile

Currently in Grescal, and no weapon vendor Between Fallern and Grescal had the Eye Shields in stock. Tons of the Halloween shields which is nice. Will keep looking for them.

Bare_Elf, have you tried adding the wschesthack.blues?

Tongue Dwarf

sigofmugmort1 wrote:
Bare_Elf, have you tried adding the wschesthack.blues?

Tongue Dwarf

I have not but will try that on the next game.


I was just testing the game using both ds1.exe and loa.exe and found no eye shields either. I put both my "Hats boots more" mod which includes shields, plus the Halloween one into resource folder. The shops seemed to carry a pretty good selection of all different sorts of shields.

The first time I tested the eye shields I had taken other mods out, which apparently led to an abundance of eye shields as there was no "competition" so to speak. So. Later on today I will try changing the priority of the eye shields and see how that works out. Smile

OUCH---Flashback time to my Wisdom teeth removal. When they "cracked" the first tooth a root slid under my jaw so they had to cut it out (3 stitches Crying ) that took a while then some waiting and then the Doc "cracked' the second tooth and we both realized something very important.....THE NOVACAIN HAD COMPLETELY WORN OFF Oups Oups Oups Oups Oups


Wow, dental procedures and no Novocaine is a bad bad business.