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Code snippets

This section of the coding book is for code snippets. The code can be in gas, flick or skrit.

Please note that the snippets are user submitted and have not been tested.

Feel free to submit your own code snippet on a childpage.


Where to start

A good place to start for modding Dungeon Siege is reading GPG's resources like the Siege University and FAQ. They also have some articles sent in by the community. You should also get the toolkit for your game.

Dungeon Siege 1

Dungeon Siege 1 Toolkit


Modding basics

Learn the basics on modding.


Handling tanks and resource directories

Untanking a resource file

The resource files for Dungeon Siege are commonly called tanks. And they are compressed folders and files just like a zipfile.

To untank a DS resource file you need to use TankViewer or TankExtractor.

Tankviewer, TankExtractor

Understanding Your Directory Structure


Photoshop tutorials

Could use some fleshing out and structuration.
Game dev communities I've been in often list many many photoshop tuts. So why not here. Smile You will be able to take aspects from learning with tuts and apply them to video games. If you got some list em.

Stuff here looked very fun(some nice short tricks)

This site links to a ton of photoshop tuts.

More tuts some videos and resources.


How to use mods with DS2

Any volunteers who feel like making a draft that can be fleshed out?


Improve the look of DS2 & DS1

This short guide explains how to improve the quality of the graphics in DS2. It works with other games as well. Btw, this guide is for nVidia graphic card users, but ATi and other manufacturers should have similar settings.

First of we need to Open the settings for the graphic card. I assume you know how to do that. Otherwise go to the control panel and look there.

Once you have opened the setting window click on "Performance & Quality Settings".

1. select "Antialiasing settings
2. turn off "Application-controlled

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