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Setting up good map lighting for Dungeon Siege 2

Setting up good map lighting for Dungeon Siege 2

A tutorial by Ryan Dulac.

For DS2Toolkit 1.1 (v2.00.03931)

First, I want to acknowledge I am passing along knowledge I learned from Mcarp (much credit to him) for good map lighting.

Now, to see the changes you're going to make in Siege Editor 2 (SE2), you need to unselect the Ignore Vertex Lighting button in the toolbar (it is On/depressed, by default).


Code snippets

This section of the coding book is for code snippets. The code can be in gas, flick or skrit.

Please note that the snippets are user submitted and have not been tested.

Feel free to submit your own code snippet on a childpage.


Making Chants work in a new map (and misc. tips)

This tutorial covers the basics of getting Chants working in a new map, including making a working incantation shrine, enabling chants for characters (in the lore book settings), testing a chant, and even a few extra bonus tips (including one for fixing a missing node texture error). Smile

Not included in this tutorial: Retanking your work for distribution.

- Siege Editor 2
- DS2Mod
- Tank Viewer 2
- Basic Windows skills, working with files.
- Basic Node placement and basic SE skills (SU 100 level knowledge is helpful).


Where to start

A good place to start for modding Dungeon Siege is reading GPG's resources like the Siege University and FAQ. They also have some articles sent in by the community. You should also get the toolkit for your game.

Dungeon Siege 1

Dungeon Siege 1 Toolkit


Video tutorials on modding

These are video tutorials made by Marcos. (these apply to modding both DS/DS2)

Tutorial 1

Covers the basic tools that will be used when doing Dungeon Siege 2 modding.

Basic modding

Tutorial 2

Introduces 3D Studio Max with the assumption that the end user has no, or almost no, experience in the program. It also goes over a few tricks i've picked up over the years while working in 3ds max to give more experience users something out of the tutorial as well.

Modding basics

Learn the basics on modding.


Handling tanks and resource directories

Untanking a resource file

The resource files for Dungeon Siege are commonly called tanks. And they are compressed folders and files just like a zipfile.

To untank a DS resource file you need to use TankViewer or TankExtractor.

Tankviewer, TankExtractor

Understanding Your Directory Structure



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