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Dawn Of The Third Age Download

Like many players of Dungeon Siege 2 and Broken World, I wanted to continue with the next chapter. This map is one take on what happens next.


The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches

Wait, what?

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Lqd files are necessary in a Tanked map

I discovered some time ago that when working on a map, adding or changing objects and gizmos in a region, will cause stalling when entering that region, until you restitch the regions. Often, I delete Lqd files, and run the uncompressed mod editor map with no adverse effect.

What I have just discovered though, is that this doesn't hold true for a Tanked map. In a Tanked map, without the Lqd files, I got significant stalling when approaching a region. I put the Lqd files back in, and all was good.

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Is there a workaround for hireing party members? -DS2

I'm trying to get hireing party members working in my map, without having to do the DS2 main game opening quests. As it is, innkeepers won't deal with you, as they only start with giving you a third slot. Drevin seems to be required as the first party member for the hire system to work.
[EDIT] Even after doing the DS2 opening quests(making sure to activate the Eurulin teleporter), hireing doesn't work, the inn does work for existing party members. As it is, have to return to the Main map to get more party slots.

Is there a workaround?


Have not done much game playing of late...

Other than moderating web site and answering what questions I can I like iryan have done little playing or modding any version of Dungeon Siege. The reason is not that I am burned out so much as the lack of time. For example I have ridden my bicycle this month 253 miles. With all the other normal life things I am spending about 30 hours a day Insane before I even think about DS or sleep.


How do you make DS2TK-1.1 work with Steam?

I ask because I do not know having the game on CD and BornOfStygian is asking


(Wait, Bare_Elf is on at the same time as me??? Tongue )


Better Sounds v0.3

I've massively updated my Better Sounds mod!

It includes... a LOT of sounds now, and redoes some of the older ones I changed.



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