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Have you seen Junior's Grades??!

Listening to the radio brings back memories. Music released prior to 2010 is pretty much under the umbrella "classic rock" and those are the type of radio stations I listen to. I was doing some errands the other day and when I drive around I listen to very loud music (usually with the windows closed, because I'm considerate that way) and I'm not ashamed to admit that I sing and/or screech along. Okay, it's a little embarrassing but flarp it!


What a day

The power supply on my computer passed away this morning. So instead of taking a bike ride, I became a computer repair person. Took a while but found a replacement supply at Best Buy of all places. Fixed the computer and then took a walk.


A weird Windows 7 problem.

I just noticed that the icon for the recycle bin is missing. I have tried everything I can think of to get it back. Does anyone know how to get the icon back?


the flood

on 29th July, at night there was tornado in a small town near me and the weather man would break on tv and talk about it..


Well this sucks

Really, I'm not whining. I'm expressing my emotions in a non destructive manner. I could be running amok AND wreaking havoc but I'm not. I'm just trying to be a better person. Honest! Tongue

The Boston Public library has had a cyber security attack and online services are suspended for now.


Food for Thought

Hey! Are you hungry? I sure am!

Pennywise the Clown cereal! You'll love IT!


I am cranky

I have been hiding out recently and being cranky. My birthday was Monday and no, I'm not fishing for "Happy Birthdays". Birthdays don't mean much anymore, just another year older. blah. Well, cake too. Cake is good, right?

Here is a list of all the people who share the same b-day and are way more interesting than me. Famous People. Yeah, well, I bet Sandra Bullock, Kate Beckinsale and Mick Jagger never made Dungeon Siege mods! Tons of money yes, but mods no. Hah!



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