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Cats ala Firebat

I love cats. And I just found this over on the Forge posted by Firebat.

That picture nearly killed me. Laughing out loud



I have this notion that snowboarding is the thing to do and that I need my own equipment instead of just renting.

So I have started shopping equipment. Today I bought a lock for my future board and also one of those back protection thingies. It matches my jacket, red and black, which unfortunately wont show. Smile

I guess I am pretty stoked over nothing but shopping is always fun. ^^
And just thinking about going riding again puts a smile on my face.
I just hope I remember some of it so I won't have to start from almost the beginning.

Oh and I made two more small mods. Actually they are just camera fixes for the DS2 and BW maps, but I find them useful.


Finals again.

Feels like the last finals were just two weeks ago.. I got the highest score on those and I hope I did just as well on the ones I did this evening. Never had finals during the evening before. And I don't think I fancy it much.. The course was artificial intelligence btw.

Also.. I read Lili's blog over on Herena Forge and it made me quite worried. Such a good person shouldn't be dealt such harsh cards. Sad I really hope she will work it out somehow.

Head starting to fry. I might have a fever comming on so I had better mosy to bed.



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