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Greetings from the dark forests of aman'lu

Been a long time since I visited this blog, but alas it is still here as well as this site so there is some joy left in Aman'lu since it was destroyed.

Real life has been pretty much like Aman'lu... my mother passed away in April, she had bladder and kidney cancer and day ambulance came she had had heart attack...

Since then I have had to hire a lawyer to open estate and now have to wait 9 months if I can keep my childhood home, so I see my current life just like the elves in this game


Loincloth guys for Kathy

Hi Kathy,
I thought I should find some guys in Loincloths, because you said even Krugs can rock a loin cloth Smile These guys rock Wink



Is Photobucket still being stupid? I was just now checking my albums to see about downloading them and noticed that I can post some pictures and others not. Some of them have been given the "upgrade your account' crap treatment, even in my album.

I suppose the crap image is from the pictures I had previously posted here. Hmm. I'll guess I will find out when Photobucket updates itself. Stupid fricking Photobucket.


Alicia Keys

Love this singer and this song. Alicia Keys Pawn it All
Why do I keep falling in love with people like her?


Anyone know who Lucia Micarelli is?

She is a violin player, singer, and poet. OMG can she play the violin Cheer very good singer too. On top of that she is sexy and can dance too.
Check out Lucia Micarelli on you tube.



Siegecore will be returning

Siegecore will be returning. This time with it's own domain name( I finished setting up Dragonfly CMS for it last night. I just need to customize it. Unfortunately I lost the old database, so it will be a fresh restart. I've become very passionate about web development now, so I plan to maintain it for a long time. Before I was trying to fill the void of siege-mods and Siegenetwork disapearing and was focused on mod development. I didn't care about web development back then, which is a shame. I'm also working on an app startup I co-founded, which will be using React Native.



What a change in the weather! Yesterday it was 74 degrees F, sunny and no wind at all. Today 49 degrees, cloudy and 25 mile an hour wind. I did not go for a bicycle ride, run or even a walk around the hood. Was afraid I would blow away like a kite with a broken string! Crying The weather forecast for the entire week looks sucky. I will find Thor and give him a kick in the ass! Dwarf



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