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Been Learning Mean Stack

I've been working on learning MEAN stack(MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS for a good job. Hoping to return to DS2 when I have the time. I left off with learning how to make new spells. I can't wait to look at the code after all the javaScript programming I've learned Smile . If I do this, I will probably write a personal site for tutorial content on spell and effect creation.


Don't get saucy with *me*, Cranberry!

Cranberry Sauce. A deep purplish red log that slithers out of the can with a gentle "squich" sound that simply says "Thanksgiving" (to me, anyway. If cranberry sauce starts speaking to you, seek medical advice).

None of this fancy shmancy "whole berry" crap either. Yich. Or even worse, some gourmet home made "ginger and clove" concoction that someone like Martha Stewart would dream up.


Jeepers Creepers

It's that time of year again. Tricks and treats, witches and ghouls. Nothing to fear unless you eat...



I have a problem!!

As most of you know I store all my images on techie's servers where the web site also lives. I attempted to post a picture today, but it did not show up in the post. It was not browser dependent. As I tried chrome, firefox, opera, and Microsoft edge.
it does not appear to be image type either as before I could post both jpg and png. now neither works. Can anyone see the images I have posted?


Learning to Fly


I need a 10 word minimum to complete the blog entry.


rush hour?

I am confused about rush hour. It lasts longer than 60 minutes. It also does not meet the definition of rush; a sudden quick movement toward something, typically by a number of people. today on a bike trail that parallels a freeway I was passing cars on the freeway. I thought I must be exceeding the bike trail speed limit of 15 MPH but I was only going 12 MPH. That is not rush hour by any definition I am aware of!


Bare_Elf's walking around pics.

Bare elf had posted some pictures (or rather a zipped folder of images) when she got a new camera. Since I am taking a break from icon updating (already! Shock ) I decided to post a couple of her pictures that I played with using the Deep Dream/Deep Style website. Just as a side note, I deleted the image results from the server as I didn't actually have permission to use her pictures. Hope you don't mind Lili.



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