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Wok Sign?

I am sure by now everyone at least in the USA has seen and heard the electronic pedestrian walk signs. Push the button and if the light is against you it says Wait Wait. When the light is with you it says the walk sign is on to cross (whatever street). These signs would make great free advertising for a Chinese Restaurant. Let me explain. First you name the restaurant "Woksign", second instead of an open or closed sign you have an electronic sign that shows a person walking and a speaker in the door says Wok On In.



Someone forgot to turn on the air conditioner (coastal fog and wind from the pacific). Yesterday it was 110 and today 106. Right now at 9:45 PM it is 87 degrees outside and hotter inside. Sweating so much I feel like I just got out of the shower and forgot to dry off. I would go for a walk but putting on shorts and a top seems like to much effort. It should be cooler tomorrow like 87 when the sun is out. Hope so as I am going from not being able to ride my bike or take a walk.



I was out with friends on the day of the Eclipse, not total here but about 3/4. One of the set of friends brought their Kids. One of them is a boy about 16 I think. He asked me questions about the Eclipse and other things. We will leave the other things to your imagination since telling you would violate site rules. Now the Eclipse question. Where there Eclipses before 1971? Both of my parents said yes. Now how can that be possible when before 1971 there was no e-mail or anything else to do with the Internet.


Hak'u go to school

I was riding past an elementary school on the edge of the Stanford University Campus, and kids where painting figures on the wall. To me they all looked like Hak'u. So I asked the adult that was controlling the paint and paint brushes what the kids where painting. He said they where painting what they did over the summer vacation. I wanted to ask the adult if they had spent the summer inside a video game, but thought better of it.


A new store

There is a new store just a block away from where I live, it has imports from Korea. Everything food, drinks, clothing, cigarettes, toys.
A pack of cigarettes from a company called KT&G Brand Name "Timeless Time" The Logo "RENOVATE a Peaceful Mind". Now I wonder if your mind is already peaceful when it is renovated does it become Insane ?



July 26 - Today in History

Well, lots of interesting things occurred today in history. Eh, maybe not all that interesting but whatEVAH! Tongue

This Day in History


So why am I bringing up trivia about a normal old summer day? Guess!


I have the urge to write a pamphlet

I have the urge to write a pamphlet, containing the following chapters.
Chapter 1. How to find your right hand.
Chapter 2. How to read and understand road signs for the motorist, cyclist and jogger.
Chapter 3. Multi-use trail etiquette.
Chapter 4. How to figure out your direction with no compass.



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