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Do Hedgehogs hog hedges?

How Hedgehogs Got Their Name Hedgehogs got their name because of their foraging habits. Hedgehogs search through hedges looking for food and insects. As they move through the hedges, they emit hog-like sounds, hence the name ‘Hedgehog’ Number Of Hedgehog Quills Hedgehogs have between 5,000 and 7,000 hollow quills. The quills do not have barbs. So I guess hedgehogs do hog hedges when looking for a meal. Smile


Weather or not

The weather has been very spring like for the past 4 days. Sunny and temperatures between 76 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit. It was 76 today and tomorrow the forecast is back to winter, cloudy and 63 degrees, a drop of 16 degrees! Easter will be back to 79 Smile



Hi Friends,
It is National Unicorn Day. So be careful in forests where unicorns live or you could discover what those horns are actually for.

Have a nice day


"I work out to burn off the CRAZY"

"I work out to burn off the CRAZY" "I work out to burn off the CRAZY" "I work out to burn off the CRAZY" Oh good not crazy for a few minutes Smile Read the new posts quickly Elf !!!


Just a word of warning.

I own a large number of magnetic jewelery items-- Necklace, Bracelets for wrists, upper arms, ankles and upper legs plus a waist chain. Helps reduce the body pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I also smoke a plant for that as well. The warning is as follows: Do not smoke a lot of the plant and sit in a metal pool chair wearing every bit of magnetic jewelery you own. You will get stuck!


"H" is for...

H is for Hell (hell no!)
H is for Hospital
H is for Happy
H is for Home!

Hospital, oh hell no!

I am so happy to be home from the hospital!


i think streets...

I think streets should be streets and not rivers!



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