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Just a word of warning.

I own a large number of magnetic jewelery items-- Necklace, Bracelets for wrists, upper arms, ankles and upper legs plus a waist chain. Helps reduce the body pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I also smoke a plant for that as well. The warning is as follows: Do not smoke a lot of the plant and sit in a metal pool chair wearing every bit of magnetic jewelery you own. You will get stuck!


Blunder Storm?

I am starting to worry about my sanity! I started a new Game of "Kingdom of Ehb" -- I am using Cat Mansion Adepts and Legends of Utrae -- I am wondering if you see the same things as me playing without CMA and LoU. I arrive in Stonebride and when I arrive in the center of town I speak to the townswoman standing at the water pump.


"H" is for...

H is for Hell (hell no!)
H is for Hospital
H is for Happy
H is for Home!

Hospital, oh hell no!

I am so happy to be home from the hospital!


i think streets...

I think streets should be streets and not rivers!


Happy Valentines Day,

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day.


Why do I have to reload my Avatar.

I have to reload my avatar from my computer every time I enter a new area. Like when I created my first Blog Entry using create content. Writing my first forum post after the preview tab was added. Trying different things within The Administer functions. I wonder why the site is not saving it, after I click on the save function within my user profile?


Working better...

Blog posts are working better but are not quite there yet, because when I click on my blog I only see old posts. I have to use the create content tab to make a new blog entry. Is this the way it has to be done with the upgraded software? If it is so be it. Just make sure all the users with blogs are aware of this.




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