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kathycf's blog

Dork Siege?

Dork Siege? Fashion Siege? I am not quite sure how to title this entry. I've been doing some DS1 modding for the past few weeks, which really took off when I was at the motel. I was playing around with some of the face and hair textures, as well as some armors.


The utility company that stole Christmas

When I woke up in the morning of Thursday, December 11, I had no idea how much the next 11 1/2 days were going to suck. The day was mild and overcast, with rain for most of the afternoon. Thursday evening brought colder temperatures and more freezing rain and sleet. I knew we would probably lose power as the bad weather had truly progressed into an ice storm but I had no idea of the severity.



Hello everybody:

Hope you are all safe and healthy, and for those who celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Though it probably seems that I have forgotten you guys, I haven't. Take care, and I hope to be back after Christmas.



Birthdays and email

So, my birthday was last Thursday...

On to the topic of emails...some folks might remember that there were a number of personal difficulties I am experiencing. When things happen to me, I tend to isolate myself. It is a flaw and I try not to do it, but mostly don't succeed. Since that is the case I hope no one takes it personally if you have sent me an email and I haven't responded. Frankly, I haven't had the energy to even check my account. I know that's bad, so please no lectures. Wink

Well, anyway. I hope all my fellow Dungeon Siegers are well and enjoying the summer. I am still around just in case anybody was wondering.



Just in case anybody was wondering why I haven't been around much lately...I have been dealing with some RL issues. My best friend's mother has been very ill lately and I have been spendng time with her and found out a few hours ago that she passed away. I've also been having some personal issues (got myself a concussion) and just feel crummy, tired and overwhelmed.

So, I hope everybody is behaving themselves and doing well. Smile


Thoughts on swearing...

So there is a discussion going on at my literature forum about swearing. Of course, like here, there are rules against posting swears, in addition to a software filter that catches the obvious culprits. Some people are completely against it, to the point of not finishing a book that has profanity in it and others are completely the opposite...not that they are pro-swearing but more that "those are just words, and any word could have the potential to be harmful..."

I am sort of on the fence about the issue. Excessive swearing makes me uncomfortable (especially sexually explicit terms) and also, when every other word out of someone's mouth is profanity it leaves me with the impression that they aren't too bright. However, in the right context and used minimally I am fine with it. I swear a little sometimes myself occasionaly...(shocking!) especially in traffic because I really hate to drive.


Dungeon Siege Dillon...and hats!

Dungeon Siege Dillon!

The resemblance is there, but my Dillon prefers wading in the lake over fighting Cyclops... Wink

There are a few small problems with my template for Dillon, but as usual Charietto is my go to template guy and has kindly offered to help me. I have to send the template over to him pronto. Dillon is going to be a pack dog, rather than a party member "person" so unlike Toto, there will be no problems with armor meshes. *whew* That way, we can save ghastley from going nuts with tutorials. Laughing out loud



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