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kathycf's blog

I love this picture....

Just a couple of pictures that I like.

Criminy, I have to post a minimum of ten words in a blog entry. This ought to do it...


Toto too....

Well, let me just say I had the idea for a Toto mod since about Feb 2006...but had no idea how to do anything about it. So, now...yay for modding!

Right now I gave him a people inventory, with the attendent problems of not being able to equip armor/weapons in addition to needing to revise his skills and screen class. He can equip rings and amulets of course, so I can make some to compensate for the armor and weapons issue. I know there are a couple of mods floating around that use skrit to prevent auto equipping.

While I know it would make much more sense to have Toto be simply a pack animal, I thought the idea of him being a "real" party member to be pretty funny. ^^ (and of course if I had kept him as simply a summon I know I would not even have to worry about inventories and portaits at all. But oh well. Wink )


And your little dog too!

So, I always thought the little white dogs that roam around Arhok were kind of cute. I thought if they were dark, they would look sort of like Toto from the movieThe Wizard of Oz.

So I made a new texture for a little black dog...except he really is more of a grey color. Here he is with the original little white dog.

A Chick's game?

My boyfriend complained the other day. He was shopping at the Droog village and saw a good piece of armor...high armor rating, plus this particular piece added one to dexterity. Problem is, Gyorn would look funny in "Pink Mini". He grumbled and I said not to blame me, it wasn't one of my armors. Wink So he says "You and Lili turned Dungeon Siege into a chick's game". ^^ I retorted that wasn't true and that the regular armor in the game was pretty much masculine looking anyway. "Yea, yea" he says. It got me thinking about the amor, though. I have Lili's Girl armor, Old Lady armor, plus a small set she emailed me last summer. I am of course also using my Daughter of Macha mod, plus another one I made called Spring Armor. I can't complain about never finding anything to wear now...if only real life was so easy.


Phaedriel...before and after

I didn't have any screenshots of Phaedriel "before", but she and Shana Tullen have the same face, but Shana has short hair.

All of the Ehb women except Sikra. Not sure what to do with Sikra...

Big Red had her own blog entry, but her she is again.


Big Red

Our Dungeon Siege makeover team has picked one lucky (or really, not so lucky ) young lady for our continuing May Makeover Madness....except of course that it is June. Silly? Yes. Hey, I have insomnia, what can I say? (It is 2:30 AM my time as I type away here...)

Original Ulora

Makeover Ulora...not much different, she just looks a little softer.



Original Lyssa

She looks sort of weird to me....I think I look something like this when I have just woken up after sleeping for 15 hours...then crying for an have the flu...and have caterpillars instead of eyebrows. Lyssa almost has Donald Trump eyebrows and that's just wrong. Her nose looks strange and she has a blotch on her forehead. Boy, am I critical or what?



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