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kathycf's blog

New Release

I just updated my Daughter of Macha armor mod, in case anybody was interested. Same boring armor...spiffy new icons. Wink



This blog entry is all about stuff....

Fooled around with making nature spells into combat spells, plus made some re-colored icons for them.

Blue gargoyle summon

Original DS Farmgirl skin for player creation


Naidi gets a makeover

I have been sort of struggling with this whole Naidi thing for a bit. I felt very guilty because she annoys me, and the simple reason that she does so is because she looks rather skanky. I felt bad, because in real life, I would never choose a friend based on their appearance, and I really feel there is such a thing as "inner beauty". It shouldn't matter how a person looks.

However, I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that I should lighten the heck up. It's a game! There is a big huge difference between game behavior and real life behavior. For example, in real life, I would never bash anybody over the head with a sword. Honestly. :P So, I said to myself..."Self, just give Naidi a makeover already". I am pleased with the results, actually. Now, I am going to work on Ulora. She isn't skanky looking, but she could use a bit of "ooomph". Smile


I skinned a farmgirl

I really do dislike that term "skinning farmgirl". It makes me feel like the serial killer Buffalo Bill from the movie Silence of the Lambs. But, I guess that is what you modders call making a new face. I prefer the term "makeover" myself. ^^

Anyway, regarding my skinning thing. I took a picture of Angelina Jolie and resized it and all that to make this face. The DS farmgirl doesn't really look much like Jolie at all, but I think for a rank amateur...I did ok on my first ever skin.



For WHOM the bell tolls

Ask not for whom the bell tolls...

Well, what does that have to do with this blog entry? Nothing, really. ^^

New spell icons

Tweaked the spell so creature has more health to start off with and gains more health at higher levels of combat magic skill. The spell now requires combat magic 7, along the lines of the killer gremal spell.

Suzy and friend


Girl Power?

I have been experimenting over yesterday and today and came up with a couple of things:

I added a new skin to the playable gargoyle in dsrevived loa...
I redid the jade gargoyle to be a pink girly gargoyle
I made a small stand alone npc mod...I can now add in either Caitlin (melee) or Aine (pronounced's Irish) nature mage. I have gotten a little bored with the regular NPCs and decided to "make" a couple of girls. I am still playing around with what skins I want for them, plus the ever exciting task of making new hair ribbons. Right now I can add them in using the +party command and template name with the dark/light elf mod gui thingy, but I think I will try to make them summonable, similiar to the summon npc spell mod. Strictly for my own private use, since I would have to use the summon npc mod as a base to work from. I don't like plagiarism, hence the private use thing. Still, it has been fun. ^^


In Hiding

Just a quick note:

If you have sent me an email, please don't be offended if I haven't responded to you yet. At the current time I am having a great deal of difficulty doing much of anything at all, so please forgive me if you have asked me for something and I haven't completed it yet.

I will be back and will be more active soon.



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