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Paisley and the Kings

Paisley is is roaming around the Realm of Kings map totally clueless and wondering if anyone might provide a clue. The only quest I have gotten thus far is to let some lady in Dronmar know her brother is coming along. The brother doesn't look he has any intention of doing anything but standing around, but that is besides the point. I am currently on the way to Thorndale or Thornvale after cleaning out Aeonoth Ruins. So, is there any point to this besides endless mobs?

Don't get me wrong, it is a nice looking map and all, but I have started it a few times and it gets sort of tiresome just wandering around clearing areas and picking money up. Am I missing something? Does anybody remember anything about this map?


Random screenies

Ehb screenies:

The walls don't have ears, they have Krug.

The girls want to refresh themselves after all those icky Krug. Too bad the bar is closed.

This is Shalindra from LoU, by the way. I added her in using one of the commands in the game console UI that comes with the Dark/Light elf mode. I like her much better than Naidi. Here she is with Dog's Cat gun. Meow!



A few weeks ago, my father was at the doctor's office and it was found that he had some malignant spots on his face. So, a week ago he had them removed. It wasn't surgery, the malignancies were removed under local anesthetic in the office. One of them was a bit deeper rooted then they expected, but they were able to cut it away.

It is terribly disconcerting because my father is 78. My mother died several years ago of cancer and ours is not a big family. When my father goes, that leaves my sister and myself, and we aren't close. It is a weird feeling to think I'll be on "my own", even though I have been on my own since the age of 19. Death is inevitable, so there isn't anything I can do except learn to cope...and sometimes that is easier said than done.


Date Talk

I was at a flea market a few years ago, and had to purchase this little book. It is really (unintentionally) funny and an interesting look at social roles from 40 years ago. I had to type it in myself, it is so old and quite obscure I couldn't find it online to copy and paste from.

Date Talk: How to talk to a a girl.
by R. N. Lawrence published 1967
back cover:

(He's thinking) Why do I always freeze up when I'm around a girl I like?
(She's thinking) What can I do to get him started talking?
This is a book for him and her and you. Hundreds of tips on how to break the ice and make dates fun


Rantz R' Us

Kathy the malcontent. So, are you like me? Do things ever just make you miffed? Does the word "miffed" make you want to hurl? If you want to accentuate the negative (if only for a few minutes) then you picked the right blog for the job. Join me for a spot of tea and a rant session, won't you?

1.) The title of this blog. Ha ha, I am making a silly reference to a well known toy store in the United States. (Toys R' Us)
But let's consider this...R' business. Is it so incredibly hard to spell out the word "are"? Sure, "are" isn't eyecatching and zingy. Who cares? Just spell the freaking word right.


The sounds of Kathy

Someone had to go record her voice, even though she perpetually sounds like she has a cold. Here you are, the melodious vocal stylings of yours truly...Files are in wav format, and can be opened or saved to disk.

Hello, hello

Here is me, blabbing about Massachusetts, my home state. {this file is on the large side, but under 1mb)

Dillon says hi, or bark bark for those members wh


Where am I now?

Here is a question for Lili:

So, where am I now?



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