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kathycf's blog


It has been very quiet around here these last few weeks. Shock

I think I need to get to the bottom of this. Please complete this survey at your earliest convenience.

Signed - Nosy Person.

What has prevented you from posting?

A.) I want to post but am currently trapped under a heavy object. Sick


Dungeon Siege 3 receives brief shout out

A very, very brief shout out.

We've been watching the show Dark Matter on the SyFy channel for a while now. It is a pretty good science fiction-y/drama type of show set in the future several centuries from now and takes place on a traveling space ship. For season 3, episode 9 they did a time travel bit. Time travel is pretty hokey and not a favorite story line for me, but eh, I'm up for it.


The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches

Wait, what?


July 26 - Today in History

Well, lots of interesting things occurred today in history. Eh, maybe not all that interesting but whatEVAH! Tongue

This Day in History


So why am I bringing up trivia about a normal old summer day? Guess!


Bad Photobucket, bad!

Dang it Photobucket! Angry

I've prepared a thoroughly immature rant just for you. Hmm, after writing it out I think I feel a bit calmer and less like my head will explode.

I have been a subscriber for a little over ten years to Photobucket, posting tutorials on using the site's services and recommending it to many people. Well, let's just say they pulled a dick move.


Parei do what now?


I know we have all experienced this. It's an interesting phenomenon that happens to me a lot, (there is a fox that lives on my bathroom floor) but I never knew the name of it.


Monster Mash and Shields. (lotsa screenshots)

I took some screenshots of that Monster Mod from a few weeks ago. I *really* wish I could find Iryan's playable monster mod. I remember it as being really fun. Anyway...



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