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kathycf's blog

Just some skins

I've been doing some skinning. Makes me seem like some horrible serial killer. Angry

Nope, just harmless skinning fun. Innocent


Grüss von Krampus!

Here is a cheery Christmas fellow and he just happens to be St. Nicholas's best pal.

Pretty cute, huh? Tongue


For those trying times...

For those irritating, vexing times, when you (or rather, me) makes a modding error and doesn't it just look ugly? Well, now I don't have to get so pissed off.


Can't find that icon?


Do you like shoes? I like shoes. OMG-shoes!


I put together a mod using the shoe mesh from Project Britania's Ultima conversion. I used some custom textures to make a mini mod and was wondering if anyone might like to try it out. This mod is compatible with both DS1 and DS LoA.


Easystreeteasystreeteasystreet...I fink u freeky ( and i like u a lot )

Make it stop! Do you ever get songs stuck in your head? It happens to me all the time. gah!

I may have mentioned a time or two( Tongue ) about being a zombie fan, and also a fan of the TV show "The Walking Dead". The show is now in its seventh season and episode 703 (The Cell) aired a few weeks ago.


"DeepDream" neural network by Google = a neat tool for creating artwork.

DeepDream. Have you guys heard of this? I hadn't. It's created using Python code (I vaguely remember hearing of Python, But well, yeah...I barely know what skrit is... Tongue ).

So anyway, I was browsing online and clicking on various links and found a forum that featured some guy's image created via DeepDream. This led to me doing some more searching and finding some more information on DeepDream. It seems *really* cool.


Scary??? VERY SCARY!!!

Scarier than creepy clowns? Shock

Scarier than that movie "Jason vs Aliens vs Freddy Krueger on Friday the 13th on Elm St."?

Scarier than this guy?

(well, yeah, he looks more scared than scary.)



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