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Progress on Weapon Tool

Not sure if anyone cares (mod scenes is understandably quiet), but it's fun for me to create this item tool when I have time. I've made some more progress for unique ring creation. The enchantment block is a little tricky. The user can add 10 blocks (I just haven't implemented "infinite" blocks yet). I just have to grab the values and spit out the gas code for them. I decided to generate the html select tag with a label and input generated with each select tag.


Web-based Item Creator

I've been thinking of how to create an interface for items in DS2. Perhaps it would be good for new modders.


blue canibal

if Hannibal lecter became a dungeon siege character would he look like this?


blue boy

the adventures of blue boy in legends of Alanna begin


lost tribe of jolly green giants found

ever wonder about a long lost tribe of jolly green giants well recent trips into the jungle have unearthed the tribe pictures attached


Who is this Scarthrall guy?

I came across this file the other day in the LoA expansion.dsres. I don't recall seeing it in the Aranna storyline. He's a pretty cool looking gargoyle type thing, with a similar layout to the DS1 gargoyle except much more detailed. Perhaps it was to be a summon as well as a regular monster?




Time to Summon the Forge

I was saving/backing up a bunch of stuff off my old laptop and I found a mod from many moons ago. Makes me feel nostalgic and stuff. I was sad to see Herena Forge go but everyone has to move on at some point. I feel so glad that we have a home here at Siege the Day.

Mod Title: Summon the Forge

Author/s/: Charietto, KathyCF, and Bare_Elf


This mod is a graphics adaptation to Dungeon Siege, which adds new spells, new characters, and some new armor.




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