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The Realm of Kings Weekly Championship Official Rules

This is a work in progress... please be patient while I figure out the WHOLE thing.


the realm of kings update 2022.... sept 24, 2022

This is my first blog entry regarding the Realm of Kings map update.. this is an official story.. i am the original creator of the map

i have many ideas for this update.. i shall try to bring to life some of the charm in dungeon siege with the revitalization of this map.

thank you


Modding: Loving it, but...

I'm having a blast with modding now that I can devote much more time to it. I'm testing out what I learn with small (most times unfinished) maps, laying out terrain and objects manually. A bit tedious but Node Matcher greatly helps. A bit frustrating especially when the terrain looks nowhere near what I had in mind, having grown organically by necessity in difficult situations.


Creative muse, whither art thou?

I find it amazing (and humbling) to see how many superb third-party (i.e., "non-professional") mods and new maps are out there for Dungeons Siege (in all its variations). Some of them are straight up full blown games in themselves, worthy of commercial status. Clearly, there are very skilled and knowledgeable people in this community.


Some new pictures

I got a smartphone fairly recently. There is a program I enrolled in called SafeLink which provides a cellphone for low income people. It's a little annoying sometimes as it insists on chirping at me and stuff. But I do appreciate having it.

This is the start up dealy.


I blocked HuiloPutin

I blocked this user because it links back to a Russian Government Web Site that takes over computers. When you are surfing the Internet do not open sites that contain the name Putin or IP address ending in
PUCK FUTIN I stand with Ukraine


A little sad

Hi all

My dad is very sick and is recovering from surgery at St. Elizabeth's Medical center in Boston. He's been sick for several weeks and has become very frail. He will need more surgery but his doctors want him to become stronger before that will happen. So, please keep some kind thoughts in your heart for him and for me.

Thanks friends.



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