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Sale on at Humble - Dungeon Siege series

There is a sale for the next 12 days on at the Humble Bundle web store for Dungeon Siege. You can purchase the base editions of Dungeon Siege 1 and Dungeon Siege II for $1.39 each. These do not include the expansion packs, so they might not be all that desirable. I'm going to purchase them since my game discs are getting scratchy and/or MIA. Oh, and if you're feeling frisky (or something) you can purchase Dungeon Siege III for $2.99.


Hope our Australian members are safe

I sure hope our Australian members and their families are safe. I have visited all the towns in the Wild fire news. Tried emailing some and telephoning others. Phones are not working and no email replies. If you and your family are safe and you can connect iryan please do.


Merry merry

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy Holiday.


Have Random Object Placement Figured out

I figured out how to implement random object placement. It's all in my head right now. The user will be able to have settings for what I'm calling patterns, which can also be saved to a text file. The only problem with the approach I'm taking is that it will take time to get the object placement data. The issue I was facing was no info on the height of nodes, so I thought it will be best to place objects on each type of node and use the points from those objects as seeds for random placement. Each node will have an overall chance to spawn in one of the random seeds.


You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd

We ain't too pretty, we ain't too proud.
We might be laughing a bit too loud
Ah but that never hurt no one

Only the Good Die Young
-Billy Joel.


Happy Halloween

Do not eat to much candy or you teeth will fall out.


I dislike Wild Fires (forest fires)

I dislike wild fires on many levels. Fighting them, watching them destroy things. But when they are caused by a poorly maintained power grid that really sucks. All the wild fires in recent years and the current ones have been caused by poorly maintained above ground low voltage distribution lines and high voltage transmission lines. The Power Companies in California have recently started what they call Public Safety Power Shutdowns, to prevent their gear from causing fires in low humidity/high wind events. Many millions of people have been without power for almost a week.



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