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kathycf's blog

The debut of some Kathy armor for Dungeon Siege 1

I learned something. Not everything, but a good solid step in the direction of learning to create armor for DS1. A Huge thank you from my heart to sjr and lili. Laughing out loud

I had an idea a while back for some armor.

I don't know anything about skrit or coding or any of that other "wizardry" but I can edit images fairly decently so I decided to just totally wing something. I remembered when I had gone in to the image gallery of Kathy and Bare Elf ideas that I had seen somehting that would work for what I wanted. This is a piece of armor designed by bare_elf:


I wish part 2

I wish that modding Dungeon Siege was as easy as fooling around with my image editing programs. I decided to make a Drow elf character for my other game that I like...

It wasn't hard to do, just time consuming and painstaking. Learning how to do all that skrit and stuff seems too confusing to me.... Sad


Carsten Lervad's new site (Zhixalom!!)

I sent an email to Carsten Lervad (aka Zhixalom) a while back. Most of you are probably familiar with his mods. He has moved all his DS1 and DS2 related content to his new site:

He also has forums there. He is a super nice guy who has been a good resource to the Dungeon Siege community. Please drop by and say "Hello". Smile


I wish

I wish...

serenity to those who worry
joy to those who weep
nourishment to those who hunger
love to those who yearn


calm to those who grieve.


About those bunny slippers...

Well, this is the general idea, except if I made these for Dungeon Siege I would hope to see the slippers in a more three dimensional way. Not bad for a total modding n00b, though, eh? :P Now if only I could wave a magic wand...


Should old acquaintance be forgot?

Happy New Year everybody and may 2007 bring health, happiness and good fortune. Here's a toast to all the new friends I made in 2006 and looking forward to the friends I will meet in 2007. Cheers!


Holliday Cheer

Hi Everybody!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy Holiday season.



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