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kathycf's blog

What's this life for?

What is the purpose of life? (sorry, I must warn any potential readers to run away, this is one of "those" blog entries...)

I am afraid that I am one of those with no defined faith, no purpose and find little to root me here in the world. I guess it would be comforting to think that somehow my life, like any other human life, has some sort of meaning, but I really don't think it does. I am not saying I am a Nihilist...I do think life has a value, and that there is a purpose, a meaning to be found. I am simply saying I haven't found it.

I guess it has been another of those days, in a monotonous litany of "those days".


We finished!

Well, we finally completed LoA and now know how the story ends. Heh, not nearly as enthralling as the battle with Gom, but it was fun and I also got to see some things that were new to me.

Weird lake monster


In the rooms surrounding the Great Clock:

Fire elementals

Air elementals (I have seen these in LoU but the whole room full of them was pretty cool)


LoA multiplayer

I have never been a big fan of multiplayer, but I finally got the man to play a campaign of Legend's of Aranna with me. Well, that is inaccurate, because it was his idea to play Dungeon Siege multiplayer and he hasn't played DS in over a year. I suggested LoA because neither of us liked the NPCs in that game very much, and we never finished the map at all in single player. Currently, we just arrived in Demlock's Cut, so we are moving right along.

Dimunition spell:

Poor little Hassat kittens...

Cicatrix's anklebiters


I'm famous...kinda

At my lit forum, we have a sticky in the general chat section regarding member interviews. There are several thousand members there, so in order for people to get to know each other better, some of the people set up a thread devoted to interviewing folks. This is much like an interview with a celebrity or political figure that you might read in a newspaper or magazine.

So, this has been going on for a couple of months now. We get the interviews whenever the people conducting them have time, and since they are both in school it is a little sporadic. Our last one was in the beginning of March. The other day I left a comment in the thread as I was wondering who was next....


Best books you will never read....

I started a thread elsewhere about made up book titles and authors. Just real reason I suppose. Laughing out loud Figured I would share some with any book lovers here.

Behind the Refrigerator door: A mystery by J. Swanky Swankerman

Showerstall Mildew

Self help section:
Oh, poo, nobody cares: A guide to writing better forum Kathy Crybaby-Fanshiskabob.

From the Modern romance section:
Plain Cotton Brasserie by Hootie McBoob. (I got that name from an episode of the Simpsons. )



There is an old saying that goes something like this:

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Now of course, this can be taken too far. Sometimes in the course of events we must offer constructive criticism or feedback to address an issue. People should not ask for feedback if they are unable to handle getting it. However, it really annoys me when somebody says something rude, simply for the sake of being rude. This happened to me twice today, on two seperate websites. I don't get it. True, I am not perfect but I don't see the sense in insulting people just because I can.


Poor DS1 Farmgirl....

Poor Farmgirl, it isn't her fault the game designers decided to make armor look so ugly on her. Even pretty colors and flowers don't help all that much. I made up a few new armors to try out.

Some examples of a5 and a6 armor on a few different female characters: Elfgirl, Catmansion girl and Farmgirl.

Lady Blue...this one isn't horrible on Farmgirl, but it isn't all that great either.



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