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kathycf's blog

Should old acquaintance be forgot?

Happy New Year everybody and may 2007 bring health, happiness and good fortune. Here's a toast to all the new friends I made in 2006 and looking forward to the friends I will meet in 2007. Cheers!


Holliday Cheer

Hi Everybody!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy Holiday season.


Time for tea

A while back I had downloaded gmax and started playing with it. Pretty fun, sort of cyber playdoh. I made the 'n00b" mace, the first project but decided it looked much too drab. I made another, somehow got it pink and instead of spikes it had rows of pink teapots on it. Now, mind you, this was back in March. I had to re-download the program because it went kapooey along with some other stuff on another computer.

So. I guess in the coming weeks I will be playing around with it....along with trying to gather some learning materials to make some models and maybe some armor. I know this will take awhile, but I gots me some smarts, so methinks I can do it....eventually. If any other experienced folks have any suggestions, comments, offers of electronic handholdong, nagging ect.. please feel free to let me know. I know I have lots to learn. Periodically, I may post some pics so you guys can fall over laughing at them and at their creator, "Queen n00blet".


DS! Christmas Spirit

Maybe not appropriate for a Holiday card, but sort of festive nonetheless. It is pretty convenient that the Catmansion girls and the Dark/Light elves both have Christmas outfits. Smile


Yay...and Thaks!

Although this is coming after a bit of a delay, I am hoping that can be overlooked. Through the kindess of 2k Games, our favorite admin, the other StheD site staff and the machinations of a few others (YOU know who you are...*wink*); anyway, I have recived a copy of Broken World all for my little self. A big THANK YOU to all involved.

One has the choice of choosing a pre-made character, or converting a saved character from DS2. (the minimum level for an entry into BW is 39) I chose Sascha the ranger. After character creation you see a short introductory movie sequence...I have seen a few of those from older games and maybe I am too much of a n00b...But wow! It was so cool to see characters actually talking instead of dialog being "spoken" with oddly shut mouths. I guess there are some Gandalf looking wizards you can't trust.


an idea for DS1 armor

Sol said to blog, so here I am being dutiful and obedient. Wink Laughing out loud

This is an unlocked skin from DS LOA Revived. I thought it would make a good armor, if modded. Guess I better get those tutorials that solly uploaded. Smile



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