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kathycf's blog

Really ugly armor

Clickable thumbnails:

This is the type 9 armor introduced in LoA. This is the chitterskrag stuff, and/or the utrean plate. It is by far the ugliest stuff I have seen.


A few armor screenies...

Here are a few sample images from my armor mod.


Slang...All the cool kids do it.

A while back a few of us discussed slang in all it's wondrous glory. If you will remember, I expressed some sort of old person dismay regarding all this terminolgy and oh so cool abbreviations. Well, now I gots myself my own defintions so nyah.

oh my gosh's variant. used to excite one another. this is used constantly by those who make fun of people that say omg and lol.

"zomg u teh very cool lolz!1111oneoneoe"

pimp, cool, lovely, and neat-o. especially used in relation to the way something looks: an aesthetic judgement. (etymology: a congruence of the words "snazzy" and "fancy").


My little bow...

I just posted a blog entry about this at the Forge but I was so happy about it I decided to post one here as well. Smile

Based on a progressive weapon template for an ax by ghastley and with help from Charietto, I was able to maka a template for a progressive dagger. Earlier tonight, I thought to myself that I really like ranged weapons better and why not try to make a progressive bow template? Yes, it worked. *big grin*


Um, ok. Was I too harsh?

I don't know how well known it is that I like to read, ALOT. I also do a bit of writing (mostly sad poems that I am embarrased for most people to read...) So I belong to a forum for reading and writing. People can post their own personal short stories and poems if they like and elicit feedback from other members. This is something I came across today that was just...simply amazing!

The Trilogy
I have recently devoted 3 months of my life to writing this masterpiece if you wish to call it. I have carefully thought out every aspect of the story before beginning. Over the next several months I will post 2 sections at a time of this historical landmark in literature. A new unique style personally developed by myself. For the past 7 year I have worked on creating a new style of writing and I finally have achieved this great feat. Hopefully you all will appreciate the art which I have innovated into literature. I hope you all can comment suggestions or anything else you have to say before I go worldwide and publish it. Thank you and here is part one. Enjoy!



After much headbanging and biting of nails I was able to complete my own armor for Dungeon Siege. Lots of credit must go to the wonderfully supportive folks in this community. Now all I have to do is finsih up the templates for all the other items... Smile


Someone's Birthday....

It has come to my attention that a certain someone is celebrating their 22nd birthday. I won't say who, I will leave it this very nice person to reveal themselves or not as they wish. Birthday greetings to Mysetery Person! Laughing out loud



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